Monday, April 5, 2010

My New Favorite My Name Is Will Hater

This is the best, most succinct slam of a review of My Name Is Will I've seen. From user Shannon's one-star review on

Apparently I can't give something zero stars. This book is drivel. It starts out promisingly enough, but never rises about mediocre before crash landing in a Port-O-Potty. The modern day main character is a lying, cheating, drug-addled wannabe academic unashamedly wasting his parents money while putting forth zero effort in his life. Yet he manages to find no less than sex with his stepmom, sex on a bus, a threesome AND an orgy - none of which involve his girlfriend. In one book! At the end, apparently some kind of metaphysical, time-traveling, wormhole-crashing collision mixes Shakespeare's English world with 1980-whatever Novato, CA. Who cares. (Also, this is the worst story that ever featured a renaissance faire.)

Now that's sayin' something!

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Jess Winfield said...

To be fair, he is wasting his parents money with an abundance of shame. He's working really hard, in the life of the mind, to figure out that thesis. And he doesn't "find sex with his stepmom," he gets sexually abused by her, and he passes on the orgy, because he's grown out of it by the end of the book. People find a lot more sex in this book than there actually is, which I find fascinating!