Monday, February 9, 2009

Media Page Redux

Some people had trouble starting the YouTube videos of the Brooklyn Book Crawl events on my site when using the Safari. They've been reloaded and should be functional now. To try again, click here. And note that it's a slightly different URL, so update your bookmarks.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Stop Jess Media Shop

I've just added a new page to my website that I hope you'll check out. It's an A-V (audio-video) page: one spot where you can go see and hear recordings of my various media appearances. The page launches with one click access to my radio interviews for the New York Times Book Review and KQED's "Forum," YouTube videos of my record-breaking one man Hamlet, the complete Shakespeare Histories in Coffey Park, and more. If you missed my book tour launch event at the Los Angeles Public Library in July, there's a complete audio recording available. I'll be updating the site with both new interviews and some vintage video which I'll be converting to digital throughout the year. Just click here to check it out, and let me know what you think!

Readers Guide Questions

It's a rainy weekend in L.A. Rainy weekends are good for writers; well, for me, at least. I tend to get work done. I'm working on a Readers Group Guide for the paperback edition of MY NAME IS WILL. I'd love to have some actual questions about actual literary questions people might have about the book. You know, English class type stuff that you might have wondered about. Why did this character meet that fate, was there a double meaning to this or that phrase, was this or that character based on a real person. Please send me some; otherwise I'll have to make up the questions myself and then answer them, which feels a little autoerotic. Post your questions here as a comment or e-mail to I'll credit you in the book if I use your question; how cool would that be?