Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Militia Madness

I caught an interview with the Randall Stone, brother of Hutaree leader David Stone, on CNN yesterday. Apparently, the problem with David (according to his bro) is that he doesn't understand the Antichrist or the end of days correctly. And he just joined the wrong militia. Yikes. Here's a bit of the transcript.

ROBERTS: Well, let me ask you this question, if I could, Randall. And maybe you can shed some light on all of this.

What were your brother's religious beliefs? And what about this battle against the Antichrist that he details quite plainly on the Hutaree's Web site?


I have tried to talk to him about that. What his Web site stands for is not about Jesus Christ, that his opinion of the Antichrist and my opinion of the Antichrist is totally different.

ROBERTS: Mm-hmm.

STONE: You know, sure, he is going to be a political figure, but you're not going to be able to take him out. For one, the false prophet's got to come into play.

ROBERTS: Right. Right.

STONE: So, the Antichrist can't do anything on his own.

ROBERTS: Well, was he a real end-of-days follower, as far as you know?

STONE: He never was growing up. I was always the one.

Now, a long time ago, dad was a preacher, and we went around to different churches.


STONE: So, we wasn't one denomination or one certain religion. And we were taught that it's not about religion; it's about a relationship.

ROBERTS: Right. Right. But did he ever talk to you about the coming Armageddon and what he thought his role would be in that?

STONE: No, no. We never -- we never really discussed that.

ROBERTS: All right.

Well, Randall Stone, the brother of David Stone Jr., thanks for joining us tonight. Really appreciate your time, sir.

STONE: Well, I did want to mention one thing to you, though.

ROBERTS: Yes, go ahead.

STONE: Well, you know, all this talk about the militias and all this talk about what they stand for, you remember Paul Revere, right?

ROBERTS: Of course. Everybody remembers Paul Revere.

STONE: OK. Yes, Paul Revere had a purpose in life. And that one day proved to be a major turning point in America, whenever he was warning the militia people to get ready.

Now, that's -- you know, I don't know why my brother didn't involve himself in a militia that stood for something and had some values and beliefs.

And then there was Letterman (great interview) last night, where the sweet tea party lady from Idaho alleged an Obama birth certificate cover-up.

One of my few remaining conservative friends think the socialist left is driving this country toward a cliff. I'd be more concerned about the rabid dinosaur with claws like AK-47's coming up behind us.

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