Thursday, August 4, 2011

iMovie Madness: Our Turkey Video

I spent a week or two trying to sift out my online media strategy. Cuz, you know, I have two blogs, (this one and LA Food Crazy), a personal Facebook page (where I have never not-accepted a friend request), an Author Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn page, a website. Sure, I have one or two followers in each place, but you start adding 'em all up and it might add up to what in the biz is called a "platform."

I decided that each has its place, so I kept them all. Thankfully, I have Hootsuite to help make multiple posts to multiple places. Hootsuite, btw, is utterly awesome. Create one post and send to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all at once. Add the "Hootlet" menu bar button, and you can easily share any Webpage you're currently looking at to any all with a couple of clicks.

But still, I sometimes I feel the need to "personalize" the posts to the platform. Who the hell wants to see hashtags in a Facebook post? And if this was Facebook, the post would already be too long. I'd have to change it to a Note. Zuck you, Fuckerberg!

Anyway, here's a video, or short film, I made in iMovie 11 of our trip to France and Turkey last year. In case you didn't see it posted on a million other Jess Winfield platforms... enjoy. And FYI, this is the one place where I will speak the real truth, about everything, in as many words as I damn well please.

I ended up both loving and hating iMovie 11, by the way. Perhaps that is the subject for another post. Has anyone tried the hated Final Cut Pro X? I'm curious.

Jess and Sa Winfield in France, Istanbul, and Cappadocia from Jess Winfield on Vimeo.

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