Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MY NAME IS WILL Coming Back Atcha

I've been a very busy dude the past few weeks. In addition to producing my own audiobook of MY NAME IS WILL for its publisher, Twelve Books, I'm doing a little bit of consulting for Disney, working on my second novel...

It's almost made me forget that the paperback edition of MNIW is coming out in three weeks. Featuring some corrected text, a Reading Group Guide, clips of all sorts of great reviews, and a recession-friendly price, it comes out July 3. You can order it now on amazon.com for $10.19. Remember that the New York Times Book Review made it a "summer beach read" choice last year. Mmm. Beach!

There's also a swell review of it out today in the Roanoke Times - which specifically notes that the book has enough layers to make it worth a second reading. Thanks, Roanoke!

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