Friday, November 7, 2008

The First Press Conference

I watched it with trepidation, excitement, and a critical mind.  Would the dude I've been shilling for the past eight months handle himself as well as I hoped he would?

I watched the Dow ticker on CNN go from 200 to 100 as he spoke about middle class tax relief.  Then watched it go back up to the high 100s when he talked about bailing out US automakers.  No surprise there.

I did think he made one wince-worthy misstep, when he made a joke about talking to dead presidents via seance, a la Nancy Reagan.  Mind you, I thought of the same joke before he made it, and I too conflated the Hillary stories with the Nancy stories. 

And yet, Obama apologized within hours.  Need we note: he's already admitting he made his first mistake, when Dubya's still trying to think of one of his.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin's calling people who reported her own faux pas "cowards and jerks."  So far, sooo predictable.

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